Magna Carda Stage Plot/Input List (5-piece)

2 Vocal Mics (1 center/ 1 keyboards)

1 Stereo DI​ (For Keys) (Stereo DI will run to pre-amp)

1 Stereo DI ​(For SPDX running tracks)

Guitar Amp

Bass Amp

Mixer for innears (We have our own small mixer. If a monitor line could be ran to the mixer, that’d be great. If not, no worries.)

PAYMENT Company or cashier’s check made payable to Magna Carda (name on W9) prior to or directly after performance.


  • Artist load in/soundcheck to be at least 90 minutes prior to doors unless otherwise advanced.
  • Artist must have at least 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted stage time for soundcheck.
  • Artist will have priority in completion of sound check (if headline).
  • Run of show (set times, length, etc) to be advanced by promoter prior to show.
  • Purchaser shall provide parking space adequate for one vehicle in close proximity of ‘venue’

Backline Needs

  • 4 Piece Drum Kit
  • Bass Amp/Cab
  • Two-Tier Keyboard Stand
  • Guitar Amp


  • Five (5) hot meals (NO Coconut, one Pescatarian option) or Buy Out option
  • One (1) box of Kind bars
  • One (1) bottle of Hennessy or drink accommodation
  • Five (5) bottled Waters
  • Five (5) small towels for stage


Day of Contact/Media & Press Inquiries:

Chris Beale 832-767-9665